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Queer indie-pop riser Courtney Govan has released her latest single
“at least,” a heartfelt, strikingly earnest, and melancholic ballad about an unexpected friendship breakup. “at least” is available to stream and download now on all digital streaming platforms worldwide.
Courtney Govan’s vocal performance is moving and vigorous in this poignant new single; the uncontainable largeness of her delivery is accompanied by a stripped-down piano arrangement sharing an all-consuming, profound display of emotionality that washes over the track. Reflecting on the artist’s experience of being blindsided by an eight-year relationship ending over text, the track echoes a sincere observation of the grace she would have risen to, had the roles been reversed. But “at least’s” sorrowfulness does not remain stagnant and does not forgo the strength to overcome the feeling of helplessness. Taking listeners through six degrees of separation, Govan is able to find closure in the
confessional nature of the track: tormented and heartsick, its transformative power releases the sour taste left behind from this experience. It is a gentle and humane reminder that, when the long arc of memory runs its intended course, our disappointments can blossom into experiences of growth. “at least” takes back control in
what was a one-sided communication breakdown and offers a final, intimate explanation – a discarded voicemail, a letter that does not ask for a reply.
Acknowledging the complexity of her emotions and voicing questions left unanswered, in “at least,” the indie-pop riser reaches the swift conclusion that she is worthy of more grace and compassion. Govan is committed to turning emotionally powerful life experiences into profound and strikingly authentic songs, whose candid and relatable qualities can make listeners feel less alone. Using her music and activism to create an inclusive community, Govan shares her artistry and passion for empowerment movements to connect with her peers on social media and beyond. As she advocates for the importance of letting one’s voice be heard, reclaiming the word ‘fat,’ and being a supporting member of the LGBTQ+ community, she has been 
adamant about being a proponent of confidence and encouragement.

Her most recent single, “Sofa,” featured on LiveNation’s “Ones to Watch” playlist. Courtney Govan’s previous singles include “stay still,” featured on’s “Songs You Should Listen To” playlist, “out of the blue,” featured on Spotify’s Official PRIDE Out Now playlist, and “serotonin,” which went viral on TikTok, and amassed more than a million listens on Spotify. Govan was also featured on Season 1 of Fox’s I Can See Your Voice. You can follow Courtney Govan on her TikTok @courtneygovan, where she posts snippets of her life and musical journey, while highlighting social justice causes that advocate for LGBTQ+ and plus-sized communities.


Stream “at least” now and visit her website at


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